MinXus Mail Bag: Asemic Vispo by Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Matt - 12.4.2014 - 1

“Star in the inter tidal” by Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

We are pleased to share this new work by fave Visconsin poet Matthew Stolte. “Star in the inter tidal” fits in well with his current serial, epical sea poems. This work measures approximately six by seven inches. While we have the wonderful, trademark Matthew Stolte layering, textures and color, the piece is relatively text-centered and asemic. The use of layering definitely points to layers of possible interpretation in this work.

Structurally, “Star in the inter tidal” is predominantly linear, suggesting conventional text and syntax. The visual image of the starfish, a textual exception, stands at the center, unifying text, image and asemics as an equivalency – all equal-valued elements of the poem to be “read.” We see the piece as being trashemic, as we believe we detect shattered pieces of corporate language, still recognizable, woven into the work.

Matt - 12.4.2014 - 2

“Star in the inter tidal” came in an envelope:

Matt - 12.4.2014 - 3

And the usual suspect:

Matt - 12.4.3014 - 4

Matthew Stolte’s Construction Sea, in our view, is one the great contemporary vispo blogs. Stay with it to keep current!



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