MinXus Mail Bag: A Good Western Bad Romance by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

Rebecca - 12.3.2014 - 3

Mail-art by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

While we miss her once frequent contributions to MinXus-Lynxus, we understand Miss Becca has become a mover and shaker in the Eternal Network. That is vital and important work! Her sail-art has taken off. She is hosting highly successful exhibitions and calls. The documentation is superb and meticulous. So we were thrilled to receive this wonderful, thoughtful cowpo(ke) boekie from her and marvel she can find the time to send out work. Miss Becca is a master of MinXus-themed art, and we consider this among her finest.

Rebecca - 12.3.2014 - 4

This extraordinary boekie, in our estimation, manages to combine the pulp western with the bad romance theme. So in the endless permutations of classic popcult, we label this a good western bad romance. The protagonist is a character very much like the Mink Rancher, so we likely have roman a clef. The bad romance concept rightfully belongs to the Museum of Bad Mail-Art (MOBMA) folks, although we are not hesitating to appropriate it for MinXus-Lynxus, following Miss Becca’s lead.

Rebecca - 12.3.2014 - 9

As will be explained in more detail later, the background designs use vispo by DVS,

Rebecca - 12.3.2014 - 5

And closure with both front and back covers:

Rebecca - 12.3.2014 - 6

A simple boekie, nowhere near as expansive as some previous productions, but extremely effective. Miss Becca usually provides messages stating her intentions and rationale:

Rebecca - 12.3.2014 - 1

And the reverse:

Rebecca - 12.3.2014 - 2

The envelope completes the package:

Rebecca - 12.3.2014 - 7

A new (to us at least) DKult stamp is an added bonus:

Rebecca - 12.3.2014 - 8

Rebecca - 2.3.2014 - 10

As ever, thanks to Miss Becca!


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