MinXus Mail Bag: Seer-iously FAB Art by Chris “Mudhead” Reynolds (Payson, Arizona, USA)

Chris - 12.1.2014 - 8

Mail-art by Chris “Mudhead” Reynolds (Payson, Arizona, USA)

Tenderfoots and Mudhead fans everywhere know that our hero (Chris Reynolds) has abandoned the aether, gone off the grid and retreated into the Arizona desert. He has remained true to this pledge for several months now after he announced his departure from the digital  in a wonderful, philosophical treatise released on the wake of the phenom success of his Seers zine. Indeed, Seers amounts to a movement in the arts, and we are definite followers. Despite the self-imposed exile, Mudhead still communicates via mail-art. We are totally awed by this work he sent us in response to a sheaf of our vispo. The “Seer Specs” are FAB!

Chris - 12.1.2014 - 6

Tenderfoots are left to form their own interpretations of the “Seer Specs.” Those are pennies suspended on the lenses. The specs came in a bag:

Chris - 12.1.2014 - 2

The letters D-N-R repeat throughout this mail-art package. Possible meanings range from Department of Natural Resources to Do Not Resuscitate with a lot in between.

Chris - 12.1.2014 - 3

Very cryptic! Some of Mudhead’s distinctive drawing was included too:

Chris - 12.1.2014 - 4

These gorgeous visual meanderings have a definite street art quality. Asemic writing is present as well.

Chris - 12.1.2014 - 5

Some fascinating talismans were at the bottom of the envelope:

Chris - 12.1.2014 - 7

The envelope is terrific as well:

Chris - 12.1.2014 - 10

And the reverse:

Chris - 12.1.2014 - 9

We are proud to report we have been Mudhead fans for approaching five years. Only in the last year have we been able to work up the courage to send him mail, and it has been a great experience. Is it lonely out there in the desert with this exile thing going on? Tenderfoots might want to drop Chris Reynolds a line.

Chris Reynolds

1304 North Beeline Highway #29

Payson, Arizona, USA 85541

Bonus Seer Spec Scan Reject:

CHRIS - 12.1.2014 - 1



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