MinXus Mail Bag: The Town & the Country by Michele K. Henderson (Buhl, Alabama, USA)

Michele - 11.24.2014 - 2

Mail-art by Michele K. Henderson (Buhl, Alabama, USA)

Deepest thanks go out along with a nod and a secret MinXus handshake to Tenderfoot Michele K. Henderson who sent us this lovely card from sunny Alabama. Michele knows that we spent some time in Alabama and are always eager to hear from old friends and to make new ones from that part of the world. We were in Auburn, Alabama (not to be confused with Auburn, New York). Michele, a superb maker of cards, is in the northern part of the state. Of course, we are in Upstate New York where the setting tends to be much more rural than our neighbors Downstate. The early arrival of horrendous winter in nearby Western NY (Buffalo) has us in a “New York state of mind” indeed.

Michele - 11.24.2014 - 1

The Crimson Tide is the University of Alabama’s football team, of course. They have a historic and exciting rivalry with the Tigers at Auburn University.  Again, a warm Mink Ranch welcome and many thanks to Michele K. Henderson!


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