MinXus Mail Bag: More Games of Chance from Stan Askew (Pasadena, California, USA)

stan - 11.19.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Stan Askew (Pasadena, California, USA)

We were thrilled with our first mail-art exchange with the great Stan Askew as well as the discussion of West Coast (USA) mail artists he inspired. Stan Askew has moved our trading to a new level with these two absolutely spectacular, exhibition quality pieces he sent. These are larger, sturdy works – approximately 6 X 8 inches – incredibly sharp images revealing Stan’s esoteric but fascinating symbol system.

stan - 11.19.2014 - 2

In our first, close look at Stan Askew’s art, we confess to being so awed by his collage abilities that we did not note his use of visual syntax as much as we should have. He certainly employs many elements of visual poetry in his work. The appearance of consistently chosen symbols that have complex (and changing) relationships to each other as well as newly interjected material drive his work. Themes include chance and randomness, the postal system and numerology. We are sure you can find others. The work was thoughtfully placed inside these covers:

stan - 11.19.2014 - 4

The reverse:

stan - 11.19.2014 - 3

And all was enclosed in this envelope:

stan - 11.19.2014 - 5

Many thanks to Stan Askew for this FAB work!


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