MinXus Mail Bag: A Short History of Art by Uli Grohmann (Munster, Germany)

Uli - 11.3.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Uli Grohmann (Munster, Germany)

We are thrilled with this invitation to participate in a project hosted by the great German mail-artist Uli Grohmann. Tenderfoots who have ridden with us a while on the Long & Dusty Trail might recall that Uli Grohmann created a wonderful MinXus stamp that was not without controversy, although things ended well and we consider him a good friend. How can we not now provide a MinXus perspective on the history of art for Uli?

Uli - 11.3.2014 - 2

Uli provided all information needed plus some excellent art to keep for the archives. David Dellaflora of Australia (and Field Study fame) ends up in the mix as well. Perhaps Tenderfoots might want to contact Uli. He is an excellent correspondent.

Uli - 11.3.2014 - 4

Uli - 11.3.2014 - 3

Here is the envelope:

Uli - 11.3.2014 - 5

And the reverse:

Uli - 11.3.2014 - 6

As an added bonus, here is the officially approved stamp made by Uli Grohmann. We now can confess that we believe this is one of the finest MinXus stamps ever struck. We must have a revival of its use!

uhli - 1

Uhli - 2

Many thanks to Uli Grohmann!


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