MinXus Mail Bag: Tape Transfer Trashpo from meeah williams (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

meeah - 10.30.2014 - 1

Mail-art by meeah williams (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

We can only assume this wonderful, large postcard-size work comes from our Brooklyn correspondent, meeah williams. The determination was not simple. We cannot find any sort of signature. More important, the front (above) manages to mimic the Trashpo style of Diane Keys (Illinois, USA) so perfectly that we consider the work an homage to Trashpo. While the scan does not reveal it well, this is a tape transfer piece; that is how so many of the wonderful effects are achieved. Thus, the work invokes tape transfer master Jon Foster (North Carolina, USA). meeah williams is remarkably versatile and constantly experimenting. This is a perfect example.

meeah - 10.30.2014 - 2

Pondering the address side led us to conclude that only meeah williams could have made this. First, we believe we recognize the handwriting. Second, the layered asemics reflect meeah’s very recognizable style. They are worth clicking into for a closer look at the detail.

So many thanks to meeah williams for more wonderful mail. If meeah did not send this, please correct us!


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