MinXus Mail Bag: Utopian Worlds Mail-Art Call by Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)

Joey - 10.21.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)

Dark wall swept the lawn and paraded the minks this morning in honor of receiving mail-art from another West Coast luminary: Joey Patrickt.

We have not been aggressive promoters of Joey’s chilled California meta-irony and unblinking aesthetic eye – that’s neither necessary nor appropriate – but we have been big fans for some time. We are thrilled to include his work here on our humble blog, and we are already looking forward to more in the future.

Joey - 10.21.2014 - 2

Joey also sent us a card announcing his Utopian Worlds Mail-Art Exhibition. We encourage Tenderfoots to participate! Joey will certainly be receiving a Mink Ranch entry.

Joey - 10.21.2014 - 3

Please note the deadline is December 31, 2014!

Joey - 10.21.2014 - 4

Many thanks to Joey Patrickt for the great mail-art and news of the exhibition.


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