MinXus Mail Bag: Mammoth Missive from Borderline Grafix (Part II) (Austin, Texas, USA)

BG - 10.20.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA)

In an earlier posting, we announced the need for a three-part series to share a mammoth mailing received from Borderline Grafix. The first focused on his PhotoAsemic Landscapes, which received rave and fave responses from both our beloved Tenderfoots and members of the Academy of Mail-Art Nouveaux at EUOMA:


Part II presents an absolutely FAB, post-card size verbal visual work (above). Borderline Grafix has been doing work incorporating vispo, concrete poetry, asemics and other related forms. We are totally impressed with the results and thrilled to have hard copies for the archives. We also greatly appreciate this more conventional mail-art that is still entertainingly eccentric and cryptic in the increasingly recognizable BG style:

BG - 10.20.2014 - 2

Also included was a larger collage by Dadanautik (Bremen, Germany)(or at least we assume it is by Dadanautik):

BG - 10.20.2014 - 3

Dadanautik’s always interesting work can be found on most of the major mail-art blogs and while ultimately contemporary, we think some Tenderfoots who have been on the Long and Dusty Trail a few cycles will recognize a certain Old School quality. We definitely want to learn more.

As ever, thanks to Borderline Grafix. Part three of the series will present excerpts from a fascinating issue of Smile zine.


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