Recombinant vispo: Variations on Cheryl Penn’s “Babel” by Ficus strangulensis

Visual poet Ficus strangulensis (West Virginia, USA) has been experimenting with fractals and digital vispo, sharing the results at the IUOMA. Recently his work with material from Cheryl Penn’s (Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa) book Babel (Tonerworks 2013) caught our attention. Due to the organic-structural nature of these explorations, this might be called recombinant vispo; asemics are present as well. We believe the thoughtful exploration of Cheryl Penn’s work by Ficus with software opens interesting possibilities for concrete and visual poetry.

Ficus -Babel - 11

Much of the work in Babel is text-based with strong visual art elements. Recombination into essentially geometric structures creates an interesting evolution of classic concrete poetry.

Ficus - Babel - 21

Ficus strangulensis variations on vispo by Cheryl Penn.

Ficus - Babel - 31

Ficus - Babel - 41

Ficus - Babel - 51

Ficus -Babel - 61

More info on Babel:

(Deepest thanks to Ficus strangulensis for granting permission to repost these images.)


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