MinXus Mail Bag: This & that from Chris “Mudhead” Reynolds (Payson, Arizona, USA)

Mudhead - 9.28.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Chris Reynolds (Peyson, Arizona, USA)

This is the first mail we have received from Chris “Mudhead” Reynolds since his Seers zine was a network sensation earlier this year.

We have come to the conclusion that Chris shares nothing with friends without deep contemplation. Following the workings of his mind and unraveling the message (always profound) is worth the effort and part of the fun. The relation of “see” to “sea” creates the occasion to meditate upon the inter-connected nature of everything in the universe, or at least that is how we see it. “See” also reflects Chris Reynold’s fascination with perception. We have long admired his abilities as a visual artist, and now we are developing an even deeper appreciation for his role as a philosopher.

Mudhead - 9.28.2014 - 2

Some Tenderfoots might recall that after the Seers triumph, Chris Reynolds issued a message stating he was going “off the grid.” We took that to mean specifically the internet. We have seen no indication that he has returned to the aether. Indeed, he is probably only communicating with his many friends via snail. So in that case, we will quickly send him a missive. We are thrilled to keep in touch with Chris Reynolds!


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