MinXus Mail Bag: Monty Cantsin Mail-Art Mystery (Richmond, Virginia, USA)

Monty - 9.26.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Monty Cantsin (Richmond, Virginia, USA)

We received mail-art from Monty Cantsin and are curious to know who adopted the famous moniker. Monty Cantsin is a multiple user identity anyone can adopt for artistic purposes, and the name has been used in the mail-art network since it was invented by David Zack in the 1970s. MinXus-Lynxus is one of the few blogs in the world that reports on Neoism. Monty Cantsin is associated with Neoism; the only artist with Neoist leanings we know in Virginia is Jim Leftwich (in Roanoke). As shown above, Monty revealed himself on a gambling card. Here is the other side of the card:

Monty - 9.26.2014 - 2

Without the Monty Cantsin twist, we would consider this a Trashpo mailing; discarded lottery cards are a Trashpo staple. The card was enclosed in half of a brown paper bag that has been decorated.

Monty - 9.26.2014 - 3

Initially, when we saw “Seer” on the return address, we thought it was mail-art from Chris “Mudhead” Reynolds, who edits a zine called Seers. Chris often makes designs similar to those on the bag. Upon closer inspection, we grew less certain about Chris Reynolds. He lives in Arizona and has never made a reference to Neoism (as far as we know). The bag also refers to an enclosed nail, which we could not find.

Monty - 9.26.2014 - 4

This is not the first time MinXus-Lynxus has been drawn into Neoist mysteries, although it is the first time we have heard from Monty Cantsin. In typical Neoist fashion, there likely will be no explanation or closure. We could try mailing to the address on the envelope, although we suspect it is fake. If anyone could help us out, the information would be appreciated.


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