MinXus Mail Bag: Life after Sail-Art is a Po-gression by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

Rebecca - 9.25.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

Her friends and attentive Tenderfoots could not have helped but notice our faithful correspondent Rebecca Guyver had an absolutely extraordinary summer with triumphant exhibits and related events that brought art and mail-art to large, appreciative audiences.

Now she is able to return to making art. We must admit to having missed receiving her work for a while. She completely compensates for any lag in her creative process with this marvelous recent work. This postcard-size piece is a gem with its haunting, deeply expressive – perhaps even gothic – tonality. The reverse side excites us – avowed patrons of the textual-visual – even further:

Rebecca - 9.25.2014 - 2

The incremental progression of images along with slight variations is, we believe, a tremendous (and successful) concept. The addition of text moves the piece into the realm of visual poetry and an exploration of language-image relations.

Rebecca - 9.25.2014 - 3

Rebecca Guyver, at least on one level, is becoming more and more a conceptualist, if conceptual involves art that is governed and to a high degree subordinate to ideas:

Rebecca - 9.25.2014 - 4

And the reverse:

Rebecca - 9.25.2014 - 5

Many, many thanks to Rebecca Guyver for this wonderful mail-art!


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