MinXus Mail Bag: Trashpo & Vispo Collabs with DVS by Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Matt - 9.25.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

In recent weeks, fave Wisconsin visual poet Matthew Stolte has sent us a series of postcard-size pieces. Above is a colorful composition by Matt that clearly indicates Trashpo is a form of visual poetry. Here is the reverse side:

Matt - 9.25.2014 - 2

Three more pieces are collaborations between Matthew Stolte and De Villo Sloan. Matthew used cut-ups of concrete poetry Sloan mailed him:

Matt - 9.25.2014 - 3

These are the first collabs ever done between Stolte and Sloan:

Matt - 9.25.2014 - 4

The Trashpo theme remains consistent across all these pieces:

Matt - 9.25.2014 - 5

And the reverse:

Matt - 9.25.2014 - 6

Matt - 9.25.2014 - 7

Matt - 9.25.2014 - 8

Here is an example of the kind of concrete poetry by DVS that Matthew Stolte used:

Matt - 9.25.2014 - 9

Many thanks to Matthew Stolte for sending us these pieces!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Matthew Stolte
    Sep 25, 2014 @ 21:05:29

    wow, I really need to use better glue – here is a link to Construction Sea of one of the pieces above that lost a lot of surface: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Y1qMvKDWacs/VABUi_ZVxlI/AAAAAAAADDY/6AdMWXf8j3A/s1600/MTS2DeVillo-AUG2014.jpg – I’m glad I made a scan of this one. Thanks for posting.


  2. minkrancher
    Sep 26, 2014 @ 00:51:29

    Right, Matt. The work is well-documented, so we have the whole process. Now mail-art purists would say things changed by passage through the postal system are “chance operations” and a welcome contribution to the work. I’d say, for these, let’s marvel at the alterations, even if it pushes to the minimal side.

    These collabs are great! Nice work, Matt.


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