MinXus Mail Bag: Cavellini Celebration Mail-Art by Bruno Chiarlone (Cairo Montenotte, Italy)

Bruno - 8.24.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Bruno Chiarlone (Cairo Montenotte, Italy)

While slightly delayed, we are thrilled to share this Cavellini celebration mail-art received from Fluxus artist and mail-artist Bruno Chiarlone in Italy. The centennial of the birth of Guglielmo Achille Cavellini aka GAC (1914-1990) is in full swing throughout the Eternal Network.


Bruno - 8.24.2014 - 2

We deeply appreciate this signed, classic mail-art by Bruno Chiarlone and admire the stamps in particular.

Bruno - 8.24.2014 - 3

And the reverse:

Bruno - 8.24.2014 - 4

Thank you, Bruno!



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