MinXus Mail Bag: Add & Pass/Event Score by Theo Nelson (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) (Includes Majikformium gagging performance)

Theo - 8.14.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Theo Nelson (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

 Our faithful Canadian tarsand correspondent, Theo Nelson, sent us this piece that invites us to participate in a mail-art performance or at a minimum to add and pass. (This is a great reminder that mail-art and performance sometimes overlap.) Theo Nelson, as we understand it, is known for his invention of imaginary worlds, a practice or state of mind we call Theoism. Unlike previous work received from him, we detect a nod to Fluxus in this piece as it adopts the form and function of a classic event score:


We think this is a fairly ingenious event score because the empty gum box, necessary for the performance, is attached. A close-up seems in order:

Theo - 8.14.2014 - 4

Here is the Theoism part: “Majikformium” is an invented word. So Dark wall just ate the box (or tried to). After gagging on it a few times and nearly puking, he spit it out. It has a few good tooth imprints, and you can see where the saliva started to disintegrate the ink on the box. He said the cardboard had a hint of strawberry in the taste. Here, then, is the performance artifact:

Theo - 8.14.2014 - 5

Gagging on the strawberry gum box and chewing cardboard was an interesting sensory experience, although we caution Tenderfoots – generally – not to eat things received in the mail. A nice hole was left in the event score:

Theo - 8.14.2014 - 6

Dark wall is not tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, but it was neat to participate in a mail-art performance.

Theo - 8.14.2014 - 2

Thanks, Theo, sort of.





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