MinXus Mail Bag: That Ol’ Time Religion by The Blessed Father (San Diego, California, USA)

BF - 8.13.2014 - 1

Mail-art by The Blessed Father (San Diego, California, USA)


Tenderfoots, Dark wall has gotten himself mixed up with some mail order preacher out there in sunny Southern California. Now you might consider The Blessed Father just another snake oil salesman, but we have to admit he is a very fine stamp artist:

BF - 8.13.2014 - 2

In fact, he has promised to send us the rubber stamp for this one (a close-up is in order) which we plan to use often:

BF - 8.13.2014 - 3

The Blessed Father generously sent a second postcard quickly following the first:

BF - 8.13.2014 - 4

We especially like this one, as our concern about the growing, militarized police state in the USA has us, as artists, very concerned. More great stamps on the reverse:

BF - 8.13.2014 - 5

And another close-up even if just for the symmetry of it:

BF - 8.13.2014 - 6

Actually, Rick is any extremely talented and funny guy – many thanks!



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