MinXus Mail Bag – “Fishing for the right words” by Amy Irwen (Rosemount, Minnesota, USA)

Amy Irwen - 8.12.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Amy Irwen (Rosemount, Minnesota, USA)

Pausing for a quick look over the shoulder backwards down the Long & Dusty Trail, we realize we have been corresponding with Amy Irwen for what amounts to a fairly long time in network time. One thing that makes Amy a great correspondent is that she is always changing, evolving & trying new things. Her collage work is interesting and a joy to receive.

In a recent turn, very exciting for us, she has been doing some FAB visual-textual work. In particular, she has done some excellent collabs with visual poet Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA); and in general, she has been networking with visual poets. “Fishing for the right words” is an example of this new direction. Like Cheryl Penn (Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa) and meeah williams (New York, USA), Amy is incorporating sewing and textile concepts in her work. This works wonderfully if one takes fishing as a metaphor. Here is the reverse side:

Amy Irwen - 8.12.2014 - 2

This is certainly a language-centered composition emphasizing materiality, and the level of fragmentation and disruption is high. In short, Amy Irwen has drawn extensively on the arsenal of avant techniques used in vispo; and we think the results are fantastic! The piece came in a thoughtful, handmade envelope that also emphasizes the textual:

Amy Irwen - 8.12.2014 - 3

We detect the Trashpo influence here as well.

Amy Irwen - 8.12.2014 - 4

Perhaps Amy Irwen began this piece by fishing for the right words. In our estimation, she found them and each fits perfectly in its place. Many thanks to Amy Irwen!


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