MinXus Mail Bag: Chris “Mudhead” Reynolds’ SEERS Zine Is A Network Treasure (Payson, Arizona, USA)

Chris - 8.9.2014 - 1

Front (right) and back (left) covers of SEERS #2 zine compiled by Chris Reynolds (Payson, Arizona, USA)

We are absolutely thrilled to receive two copies of the latest issue of SEERS zine. A zine revival of sorts seems to be taking place in the Eternal Network these days, and SEERS #2 affirms that the art of the hard-copy, DIY zine has not been lost; indeed, the form is evolving with new innovations. SEERS#2 has a total of 28 pages in b & w. We excerpt some pages here but encourage anyone interested to send mail to Chris Reynolds to participate in future issues or to get copies of the first two issues or simply to correspond.

Contributors to SEERS #2 are Bibiana Padilla Maltos, James Newton, Robert Tucker, Moan Lisa, Ruud Janssen, Joan Alberto Lupin, Arturo G. Fallico, Nico Vassilakis, Carl Heyward, Jason Edward Cole, Alan Bowman, Depra Alanna, De Villo Sloan, Taylor Geiss, Bobby Gonzales, Matt Taggart, Mick Boyle, Fatima Queiroz, Sasha Grey, Jonathan Leiter, Heike Weber, Matthew Rose, GX Jupiter Larsen, Mara Thompson, Aaron Flores, Picasso Gaglione, Pooka Ambert, Allen Bukoff, Spencer Selby, John Held Jr., Ryosuke Cohen and Billie Maciunas.

Chris - 8.9.2014 - 2

SEERS zine is built around philosophical questions and concepts concerning the visionary artist, the nature of consciousness, perception and being (among other related ideas). Chris Reynolds weaves work by contributors into the pages that are overlaid with extended commentary. It’s not always easy to identify the artists as the zine is so highly collaborative. We’ve made identifications where we could. The pages above display work by Ruud Janssen and Mara Thompson. Chris Reynolds has a SEERS blog where individual pieces are posted and the contributors can be more easily identified:


Chris - 8.9.2014 - 3

By Aaron Flores and Joan Alberto Lupin

Chris - 8.9.2014 - 4

Left: Picasso Gaglione, Matthew Rose, Nico Vassilakis; right: Pooka Ambert, Bobby Gonzales

SEERS #2 is filled with page after page of great collage and powerful visual images.

Chris - 8.9.2014 - 5

Chris - 8.9.2014 - 6

Clearly a page dedicated to Ryosuke Cohen.

Chris - 8.9.2014 - 7

A concrete poem by the great genius De Villo Sloan graces the inside back cover of SEERS #2. Chris Reynolds included a message well worth reading in the package:

Chris - 8.9.2014 - 8

And the envelope:

Chris - 8.9.2014 - 9

The reverse:

Chris - 8.9.2014 - 10

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Chris “Mudhead” Reynolds for his incredible work on SEERS zine! Here is a link to the Chris “Mudhead” Reynolds blog:



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