MinXus Mail Bag: Collage by Pier Roberto Bassi with Mail-Art Call (Castel Mella, Brescia, Italy)

Pier - 8.1.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Pier Roberto Bassi (Castel Mella, Brescia, Italy)

A big “Howdy” and secret MinXus handshake is extended across the Atlantic to Pier Roberto Bassi in Italy celebrating this, his first appearance on our humble blog. Pier Roberto Bassi is a very active mail-artist associated with Fluxus. He sent us this great post-card size work.

Pier - 8.1.2014 - 2

We like the stamps very much on this work, especially Fluxus-Brescia and the red asemics. When tape was removed, the card opened to a larger page announcing a mail-art call:

Pier - 8.1.2014 - 3

“From Zero to Infinity” seems like a very intriguing call. Tenderfoots might want to consider participating, especially those interested in the Fluxus network and becoming part of it. The page includes samples of work already received from well-known vispo and mail-art luminaries, highlighted below:

Pier - 8.1.2014 - 4

We see fine examples of work by Lancillotto Bellini (Italy); Dmitry Babenko (Russia); John M. Bennett (USA); and Claudio Romeo (Italy) – all Mink Ranch faves! Here is a link to one of Pier Roberto Bassi’s blogs:


Many thanks for the mail-art!



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