MinXus Mail Bag – Slipping into the Warhol Zone with Susan McAllister (Berkeley, California, USA)

Susan - 7.30.2014 - 2

Mail-art by Susan McAllister (Berkeley, California, USA)

We’re always excited to receive mail-art from Susan McAllister who brings us perspectives from Berkeley, another favored location in MinXus-Lynxus symbolic geography. She has even been known in the past to send us Trashpo from the streets and telephone poles. While remaining faithful to her red & black, abstract art explorations, this time Susan McAllister sent us something we find very clever and amusing.

We almost missed it, and we’re still rubbing our eyes to make sure what we think is there is really there: In the upper-right, does it say (or possibly could it be construed to say), “Warhol Zone”? Then wouldn’t the “15 minute” time limit reference the ubiquitous Warhol quote about 15 minutes of fame for everyone? Maybe we’ve finally lost it. The monkey/clown is even more ambiguous. Tenderfoots know monkeys have been a huge theme at MinXus-Lynxus. Many other interpretations are possible as well. For personal meaning, we find this a great commentary on “The Spectacle” (see Situationism) of the modern world.

Susan - 7.30.2014 - 1

This is a great addition to our growing collection of correspondence from Susan McAllister. We’ve had some fun puzzling over the message and reaching an understanding. Many thanks!


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