MinXus Mail Bag: Mystery Mail-Art from New York City Stuffed with Ray Johnson Material

NYC - 1

Postcard picture of Ray Johnson

Someone likes us. We received an envelope from New York City stuffed with mail-art and Ray Johnson ephemera. (These are postcards and copies of articles; the days of receiving authentic material from Ray Johnson, of course, or having people pass it along to you have long since ended.) We can’t determine who sent this, and work by several different artists and writers is included. Collective packages like this are typical of the “Old School.” We greatly appreciate having this. Here is the reverse of the opening scan:

NYC - 2

We are only posting a portion of all the material received.

NYC - 3

Some of these are classic shots that can be found elsewhere, but it’s great to have the cards. We will pass some along in the mail. The reverse:

NYC - 4

Here is a card with work by Ray Johnson:

NYC - 5

The reverse:

NYC - 6

A lot of stuff from the 60s and some preoccupation with death.

NYC - 7

Another classic shot. The reverse:

NYC - 8

NYC - 9

The reverse:

NYC - 10

Then there is a poem by Ron Emolo, who is a mail-artist and poet in the New York City area:

NYC - 11

The reverse:

NYC - 12

W.S.? Not us. A phone number was included, which we thought best to block out. Then there was a pad that was designed by the Sticker Dude.NYC - 14


NYC - 13

Clearly, this entire package is a giant promotion of Ray Johnson; but we have no problem with that. The articles are really interesting, and there are multiple copies. The idea must be to pass them along. This piece is by William S. Wilson who was a close Ray Johnson associate. It discusses the history of mail-art and Ray Johnson’s place in it:

NYC - 15

NYC - 19

Another interesting article:

NYC - 16

NYC - 17

Here’s is the envelope:

NYC - 18

Tremendous material here, especially to learn more about mail-art and Ray Johnson. We are thrilled to receive and share it.






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