MinXus Mail Bag: Asemic vispo by Carmela Rizzuto (Sunnyvale, California, USA) “quoting” Carl Baker (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)

Carmella - 7.26.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Carmela Rizzuto (Sunnyvale, California, USA)

A big “Howdy” and secret MinXus handshake goes out to Carmela Rizzuto in California upon this, her first appearance at our humble blog. We know Carmela Rizzuto’s work from IUOMA-Ning, and we are thrilled to have this beautiful piece to share with Tenderfoots.

In our neck of the woods, well-aware of the fantastic visual arts dimension of the work, we read this as an asemic, visual poetry text. The concept is enhanced by the fact that Carmela included a fragment of a text by Mink Ranch fave Carl Baker of Canada. This mail-art could be fairly viewed as a collaboration between Carmela and Carl, although we see it more as an example of “quoting” (related to appropriation) where Carmela builds her work around Carl’s textual-visual sensibility using a theme and variation pattern.

Carmella - 7.26.2014 - 2

Carmela Rizzuto included this very kind message that explains just about everything, including an isolated section of Carl Baker’s work. The piece also has a cut-up quality, but the fragmentation is subsumed into a very cohesive piece.

Deepest thanks to Carmela Rizzuto (and Cark Baker as well) for sending us such a lovely piece!


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