MinXus Mail Bag: World’s longest running add & pass from Ruud Janssen (Netherlands) via Mail-Art Martha (UK)

Martha - 7.23.2014 - 1

We are deeply honored that Mail-Art Martha (Beckenham Kent, UK) chose us to receive this historic Add & Pass (a copy) being circulated by Ruud Janssen (Breda, Netherlands). As you can see, this document originated with David Zack (one of the founders of Neoism) in 1983 and was sent to legendary UK correspondent Robin Crozier. Latin American visual poet Clemente Padin sent it to Ruud Janssen in 1984. After a very long hiatus, this incredible document is circulating again. Here is the rest of the list:

Martha - 7.23.2014 - 2

We immediately decided John M. Bennett (Columbus, Ohio, USA) would be an ideal recipient and thought he might really enjoy seeing this. John, among many other contributions, was an architect of Neoism and likely corresponded with many people who signed the document. We are thrilled the piece is back in circulation. Mail-Art Martha also enclosed some wonderful material:

Martha - 7.23.2014 - 3

Martha - 7.23.2014 - 4

Mail-Art Martha re-purposed Ruud Janssen’s envelopes:

Martha - 7.23.2014 - 5

This presents a small tribute to Rain Rien Nevermind. And the reverse:

Martha - 7.23.2014 - 6

Deepest thanks to Mail-Art Martha for the great work and for the opportunity to participate in a historic project.


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