MinXus Mail Bag: Holism by Chrissy Core aka DaDa Witch (Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada)

Chrissy - 7.21.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Chrissy Core aka DaDa Witch (Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada)

In an earlier post, we welcomed Chrissy Core aka DaDa Witch to the Mink Ranch:


We are now thrilled to share another piece from our correspondent in CanaDaDa. This wonderful, postcard-size piece reveals, even more than her previous missive, Chrissy Core’s DaDa roots. We will even venture to pronounce this a fine example of Trashpo. We are deeply impressed by the emotions expressed through this organic composition that takes a confrontational or combative stance in the spirit of the avant garde. Chrissy Core’s work often focuses on circles, cup-like constructs and – yes – holes. In some cases, the holes are being violated by phallic shapes. Tenderfoots are surely aware that Holism is a MinXus-Lynxus invention, and we applaud Chrissy Core for her brilliant use of holes and contribution to the genre. This current work, consistent in emotional tonality, violates the space of the hole through tearing and/or mutilation, making an unusual use of ripped paper collage.

Chrissy - 7.21.2014 - 2

Deepest thanks and best wishes to our correspondent in British Columbia!

PS – Since this came online, we learned via back channel messages from Chrissy Core that the “floating mutilated hole” as we presented it was not intentional. The flap is definitely part of the work but apparently came loose passing through the postal system. This is a perfect example of the mail-art concept of changes made in the work during transit becoming part of the work. All the same, here is what the piece looks like un-flapped:

Chrissy - 7.21.2014 - 3

The partial hole concept still applies either way. Thanks, Chrissy!


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