MinXus Mail Bag: Dispatch from Not Hi Ng & the Institute of Art Agnosticism (San Pablo, California, USA)

Not - 7.19.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Not Hi Ng (San Pablo, California, USA)

In our ongoing archival efforts, we came across a box of mail-art received in early 2013 that was never blogged or documented. Some real treasures have been uncovered including this dispatch from Not Hi Ng (OTM) and his Institute of Art Agnosticism. Not Hi Ng’s pieces are often interactive, using an Event Score concept. He also creates ingenious devices from found material, and this talent has earned him the venerable TrashPo Litzer Prize. The opening scan includes the Event Score on a handmade sleeve (blue masking tape no less!) that contains an altered record. Here is the reverse side of the sleeve:

Not - 7.19.2014 - 2

Inside the sleeve was this meditation wheel (or more properly Miracle Mind Mender) that is laden with MinXus symbology:

Not - 7.19.2014 - 3

And the reverse:

Not - 7.19.2014 - 4

Altered records are a recognized genre of MinXus relics, and this work by Not Hi Ng earns a place among the greatest achievements in this area. Not Hi Ng captures and contributes to the MinXus aesthetic. Also included in the dispatch is this wonderful, official certificate from the Institute. During the early MinXus-Lynxus festivals, the affinity between the Institute and M-L were quickly recognized. Not Hi Ng was named to the Order of the Tangerine Mink precisely because his expertise is so valued.

Not - 7.19.2014 - 5

We are honored to have this certificate bestowed upon us. Not Hi Ng’s envelopes are always distinctive and interesting:

Not - 7.19.2014 - 6

And the reverse:

Not - 7.19.2014 - 7

While always struggling with being “a day late and a dollar short,” we are jubilant to finally share this (nearly) lost MinXus classic with our dearest Tenderfoots. Thank you, Not, for this incredible work and your patience. It shall be a part of The Book of MinXus.


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