MinXus Mail Bag: Richard Canard’s Yard Sale (Carbondale, Illinois, USA)

RC - 7.10.2013 - 1

Mail-art by Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illinois, USA)

MinXus-Lynxus is amassing a formidable collection of work by Richard Canard. Our challenge is documentation and archiving. In this post, we humbly offer a collection of both current and not-so-current pieces (but never before seen!) by our faithful correspondent in Carbondale, Illusion. The more recent work (above) shows a renewed preoccupation with Trashpo, and we are reminded that Richard Canard’s contributions to the genre rival even those of “Jesus Jim” Leftwich (Virginia, USA) and (dare we say this?) Queen of Trash Diane Keys (Illinois, USA).

RC - 7.10.2014 - 2

This colorful piece masterfully employs found material (yard sale sign) and the recycling theme. We are confident Diane Keys would D-Klare it a “Trashterpiece.” We do.

Is Ray Johnson Finnished Yet?

RC - 7.10.2014 - 3

On this lovely card, Richard Canard references MinXus-Lynxus fave Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland) as well as ongoing lobbying efforts for an official USA Ray Johnson postage stamp. Here is the reverse side:

RC - 7.10.2014 - 4



RC - 7.10.2014 - 5

Ray Johnson is known to have favored “correspondance” as descriptive wordplay. Lately, Richard Canard has been favoring “correspondence” (correspondence art) over “mail-art.” In this missive, he takes the alphabetical acrobatics a step further with characteristic, self-effacing humor.

RC - 7.10.2014 - 6

The Trashpo affinity appears again through the ingenious use of a super glue container – excellent recycling!


Chez Trashpop

RC - 7.10.2014 - 7

Others have noted a PopArt influence in Trashpo. The tendency is pronounced in Richard Carnard’s efforts. He has a keen eye for locating interesting color, design and irony in consumer/corporate food packaging; his cerealism, for instance, has been widely praised. In this piece, the scrutinizing lens turns cheesy with outstanding results. The message on the reverse side is nothing but classic Litter Richard:

RC - 7.10.2014 - 8

We believe Richard Canard deserves more credit than he receives for his fine calligraphy.


More Poets’ Coroner

RC - 7.10.2014 - 9

To leave the impression that Richard Canard is only a Trashpoet in the quasi-digital wastes of Mail-Art Nouveaux would be a supreme misrepresentation. His work is eclectic and diverse, including, in our estimation, very fine and serious contributions to post-avant poetry. Here we present another piece in his ongoing minimalist vispo “LIFE” series. Hopefully, we will eventually post more work from this series altogether.

RC - 7.10.2014 - 10

As ever, deepest thanks to Richard Canard for his ongoing correspondence!



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