MinXus Mail Bag: “That’s just the way it is” by Dan Mouer (Richmond, Virginia, USA)

Dan - 7.6.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Dan Mouer (Richmond, Virginia, USA)

Tenderfoots who are at all conversant with MinXus-Lynxus “Happenings” will remember Dan Mouer for his FAB contributions to our Who Has The Best Hair Contest. Those engaged in the broader Eternal Network likely know Dan for his involvement with Trashpo and dedication to DKult. Many of us also admire him for his spectacular photography and fine art. In short, Dan Mouer is an artistic “Renaissance Man” who works in a variety of genres ranging from the playful to the conceptual to serious contender gallery-oriented creations. We received this wonderful package that showcases his wide-ranging interests, explorations and talents. In particular, we treasure the gorgeous piece above that even includes some asemics (or asemic-suggestive symbols). Here is a close up:

Dan - 7.6.2014 - 2

Dan Mouer included a kind message on the reverse side:

Dan - 7.6.2014 - 3

Many mail-artists might have limited the missive to this one spectacular piece, which is completely understandable. But Dan kept going with more wonders:

Dan - 7.6.2014 - 4

We can only think to call this piece an ATC (Artists Trading Card) with a splash of Trashpo or at least found material. ATCs are a world unto themselves, and we are very happy to have this example to the great MinXus-Lynxus archives.

Dan - 7.6.2014 - 5

Dan Mouer has pioneered “Junk Drawer” Trashpo, and here he contributes to the D-Konomy with a free exchange of material objects. Trashpoets frequently exchange all sorts of materials that are recycled or held as amulets or quasi-sacred objects that can even function as a kind of non-linear autobiography. The latter is how we interpret this wonderful gift from Dan’s junk drawer. Dan Mouer’s envelopes are distinctive and interesting as well:

Dan - 7.6.2014 - 6

Thomas Sackville was a dramatist and contemporary of Shakespeare. That makes him a “Renaissance Man” as well.

Dan - 7.6.2014 - 7

Deepest thanks to our “Renaissance Man” and faithful correspondent in Virginia, Dan Mouer!

Dan is hosting a mail-art call “This is just mail-art” (deadline for submissions now past) that will result in an exhibition and catalog, an event worth following:



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