MinXus Mail Bag: Meeah Williams Flies the Trash Flag (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

meeah - 7.4.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Meeah Williams (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

First, all our intrepid Tenderfoot friends outside the USA need to know that July 4th is Independence Day. At the Mink Ranch, we mark the founding of our nation with our separation from Britain in the 18th century signified by Thomas Jefferson and the “Declarations of Independence.” All that history stuff.

Our Brooklyn correspondent, Meeah Williams, helps us celebrate the occasion with this amazing trash flag. We have always maintained that Trashpo is, at its core, a USA phenom with its focus on the excesses of consumer culture and accompanying plea for recycling and ways of living that are less materialistic and more in harmony with nature. Today, Trashpo seems downright patriotic. Meeah Williams’ trash flag is well worth a close up:

meeah - 7.4.2014 - 2

As you can see, Meeah Williams sewed this piece. We think we detect a nod to Jasper Johns’ iconic flag, only filtered through the Trashpo lens. Here is the other side:

meeah - 7.4.2014 - 3

Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK) and Neil Gordon (Connecticut, USA) pioneered the trashquilt, and Meeah Williams adopts a similar approach to composition. The trash flag came in a beautiful pouch:

meeah - 7.4.2014 - 4

Here is the reverse side of the incredible trash flag pouch:

meeah - 7.4.2014 - 5

It was mailed in a plastic bag:

meeah - 7.4.2014 - 6

The zipper on the reverse side is a nice touch:

meeah - 7.4.2014 - 7

We are largely speechless in the face of this work’s ambiguity, other than to praise its brilliance as mail-art. We recognize the time and effort as well as the thoughtfulness. As ever, many thanks to our Brooklyn correspondent Meeah Williams.



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  1. meeah
    Jul 04, 2014 @ 23:56:27

    thanx DeVillo. some pieces tell me where they want to go & this one simply wouldn’t get into any envelope that wasn’t addressed to you.


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