MinXus Mail Bag: Braincell #889 from Ryosuke Cohen (Osaka, Japan)

Braincell 889 - 1

Braincell #889 by Ryosuke Cohen (Osaka, Japan)

This is only the second installment we have received from Ryosuke Cohen’s legendary Braincell project. Many Eternal Networkers are near-fanatical followers and collectors of both Cohen and Braincell. We are thrilled to have received this and take the opportunity to display what a Braincell mailing looks like. (The DVS stamp was created by E – Ambassador of Utopia (Guivry, France).) The main sheet with stamps and stickers is large, so we had to scan it in halves:

Braincell 889 - 2

The sheet is accompanied with participants’ addresses. In pre-internet mail-art, people relied on lists like these to establish personal networks for mailing.

Braincell 889 - 3

More information from Ryosuke Cohen on the reverse side:

Braincell 889 - 4

Many will recognize the distinctive Braincell envelope:

Braincell 889 - 5

Many thanks to Ryosuke Cohen!


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