MinXus Mail Bag: The Strange Case of DKult Ethiopia

DKult Ethiopia - 1

We might be out of the loop or behind the times; we admit to being late in documenting this work (allegedly) from DKult Ethopia. We are not experts on international postal systems, but we do think this might have been mailed from Ethiopia. We are not aware, however, that any official DKult chapter has ever been established in Ethiopia nor do we know of any Trashpo performances or projects in that country.

DKult Ethiopia - 2

Possibly this is a brilliant piece of trash parody, commenting on the waste and excess of consumer culture in the global context of shrinking resources and rising inequality especially between the 1% and all the rest of us. Certainly Trashpo is a protest against consumer culture and a plea for recycling, among other things.

Many thanks to our unnamed correspondent from DKult Ethiopia!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DK
    Jun 30, 2014 @ 13:30:48

    wow! I’m shocked. DkultEthiopia? I had no idea we had spread into 3rd world countries. And how did this person find out about you/us? excellent piece. sad and ironic. funny and biting. smart shoes for a smart country. love that. Dkult wants Yonas


  2. DK
    Jun 30, 2014 @ 13:31:42

    the list of chapters needs to be updated on the IUOMA trashpo site. We need to include DKultET and DkultAntarctica and I’m sure there are a few other new ones!


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