MinXus Mail Bag: Karen Black stamps by Allan Bealy (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Allan Bealy - 6.19.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Allan Bealy (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

When actress Karen Black died last year, Allan Bealy created a set of FAB stamps honoring her memory. He was kind enough to send us some along with this great A Book About Death postcard (above). Here at the Mink Ranch, we’re big Karen Black fans.


Allan Bealy - 6.19.2014 - 6

Allan Bealy is a veteran mail-artist and superb collage maker. Tenderfoots participating in the Eternal Network are likely familiar with his work. In particular, we admire his collabs with Cheryl Penn (South Africa):


Allan Bealy also included a card:

Allan Bealy - 6.19.2014 - 3

And the reverse:

allan bealy - 6.19.2014 - 4

Allan Bealy’s Tumblr posts are well worth viewing:


This material came in a great envelope with all sorts of interesting stamps:

Allan Bealy - 6.19.2014 - 5

Many thanks to Allan Bealy!


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