MinXus Mail Bag: Stunning Trashpo debut by Gina Ulgen (Norwich, Norfolk, UK)

Gina - 6.16.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Gina Ulgen (Norwich, Norfolk, UK)

A big Mink Ranch “Howdy,” a secret MinXus handshake and a standing ovation are extended to Gina Ulgen on her first appearance upon our humble blog. Gina is apparently a Trashpo contender. (Did anyone tell her: “MinXus is the opposite of Trashpo”? No matter, the old distinctions are getting mighty blurry.) She not only sent us a very fine piece of Trashpo, Gina sent us an entire exhibition that we are thrilled to unveil for Tenderfoots. We certainly admire this ingenious piece of mail-art. As you can see from her kind note in the top scan, she invited us to unveil it:

Gina - 6.16.2014 - 2

First, we unwrapped Gina Ulgen’s mail-art and took the liberty of creating a spontaneous scannerbed Trashpo composition that is very cool. She has possibly made a breakthrough with self-generating Trashpo.

Gina - 6.16.2014 - 3

The suspense is mounting! The trashmasterpiece is draped in ominous black. We see shades of Indiana Rogers’ pioneering Trashparody in this work. Yet as the inventor of Trashpo  “Jesus Jim” Leftwich said: “Trashparody? That’s an impossibility.”

Gina - 6.16.2014 - 4

Gina Ulgen’s Trashpo sheds… indeed, it weeps tears of genius. The black shroud concealing the central work is yet another piece of utilitarian Trashpo. We are considering turning it into a DKult arm band. Shades of the great “Wrapper” Christo are present. But here is what you are really looking for:

Gina - 6.16.2014 - 5

Gina Ulgen has discerned Trashpo’s anti-art roots and expressed the position eloquently. Far from being a parodist, she is a purist! The “exhibition” arrived in this envelope, which we mistook for a missive from Rebecca and thus, perhaps, mishandled the opening:

Gina - 6.16.2014 - 6

And the reverse:

Gina - 6.16.2014 - 7

Many, many thanks to Gina Ulgen for this FAB work!


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