Asemic-vispo book pages preview: John M. Bennett (Columbus, Ohio, USA) & Guido Vermeulen (Brussels, Belgium)

JMB - Guido - 11 Vispo-asemic collab by John M. Bennett (USA) & Guido Vermeulen (Belgium)

We are thrilled to be able to share with Tenderfoots excerpted pages from a collaborative book-in-progress by John M. Bennett and Guido Vermeulen. This is the first MinXus-Lynxus appearance of the great John M. Bennett, an old friend and major influence upon us from many years on the long and dusty trail. Guido Vermeulen has graced our humble pages before. He writes: ” John Bennett sent me clippings of newspapers and asked me to use them. Here are the results in a fold-out artist booklet that will be returned to him soon.” So, while we are reliant on scans, this is firmly a mail-art project. We greatly admire the blending of cut-ups with Guido Vermeulen’s fluid style that we believe incorporates strategies of automatic writing and drawing to dive deeply into the unconscious.

 JMB - Guido - 21


JMB - Guido - 51


 JMB - Guido - 61


JMB - Guido - 71


JMB - Guido - 81

Deepest thanks to John M. Bennett and Guido Vermeulen for sharing this work with us.


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