MinXus Mail Bag: Mail-art call & haptics by Manuel Sainz Serrano (Segovia, Spain)

Serrano - 6.6.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Manuel Sainz Serrano (Segovia, Spain)

A loud Mink Ranch “Howdy” and a big thank you goes out to Manuel Sainz Serrano in Spain who thought kindly enough of us to send this art along with news of a mail-art call in Germany.

The work Manuel Sainz Serrano sent us (above) is small and nearly square, approximately 3 x 3.5 inches. The piece is highly textured, perhaps thickly applied, congealed spraypaint or a similar substance on thick cardboard. This also appears to be a cut-up work, similar to Cheryl Penn’s (South Africa) cut-up paintings. While the piece certainly has an intriguing visual dimension, we are struck by its haptic quality. Because this is mail-art, it is difficult not – at some stage in the reception process – to run one’s fingers across the contours, making it a tactile experience as well as visual. Here is the reverse side:

Serrano - 6.6.2014 - 2

Here is the mail-art call that was included. Note that the deadline is July 15, 2014:

Serrano - 6.6.2014 - 3

Manuel Sainz Serrano’s envelope is a work of art:

Serrano - 6.6.2014 - 4

Again, many thanks to Manuel Sainz Serrano for this correspondence!


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