MinXus Mail Bag: Cryptic triptych from JessiebyDesign (Gering, Nebraska, USA)

Jessie - 1

Mail-art by JessiebyDesign (Gering, Nebraska, USA)

A few weeks ago we sent a package of MinXus propaganda to new mail-art friend Jessie in Nebraska. We saw some interesting work she had done at the IUOMA (aka Yoma aka EUOMA). She was kind enough to respond with this wonderful folding collage made of maps and animal images that, to us, suggests a cryptic path of adventure, an indeterminate travel tale that sparks the imagination of the recipient. This is a perfect MinXus-Lynxus debut! This ingenious piece consists of six circular panels. Due to scanner limitations, we are only able to present the panels in pairs. The triptych structure is lost, somewhat, but Tenderfoots can peruse all the panels:

Jessie - 2

These (above) are the first two panels of the inside triptych by JessiebyDesign.

Jessie - 3

The final panel is on the right. Those who have ridden with us for a while on the long and dusty trail will recall that MinXus founder Empress Marie Antonette is a noted maker of triptychs, indeed triptychs are a part of the MinXus tradition. Here are the panels on the reverse side:

Jessie - 4

And the remaining panel:

Jessie - 5

Many thanks to JessiebyDesign. We look forward to future exchanges!


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