MinXus Mail Bag: Invoking Bad Romance from Jon Foster (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA)

jon foster - 5.27.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Jon Foster (Winston-Salem, North Caroline, USA)

Intrepid correspondent Jon Foster in North Carolina sent us this wonderful example of his ripped-tape collage work: Many thanks! We are always happy to receive work from Jon. The romantic theme of this postcard-size mail-art fits well in the wake of the Who Has the Best Hair Contest and our fav current mail-art call: Bad Romance, sponsored by the Museum of Bad Mail-Art (MOBMA) at the IUOMA and coordinated by Rebecca Guyver aka Miss Becca (Suffolk, UK).

jon foster - 5.27.2014 - 2

The Mink Ranch is a Lonely Hearts Club these days. As ever, we are always here to commiserate with Tenderfoots about love gone wrong and to dispense practical advice concerning romance.

You can learn more about the Bad Romance mail-art call by scrolling through the always fascinating posts at the Museum of Bad Mail-Art:





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