MinXus Mail Bag: New Asemics by Nancy Bell Scott (Old Orchard Beach, Maine, USA)

NBS - 5.24.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Nancy Bell Scott (Old Orchard Beach, Maine, USA)

This month we were excited to receive new asemic writing from our longtime correspondent Nancy Bell Scott in Maine. Nancy Bell Scott has developed her own, highly recognizable asemic style. The piece above (approximately 5 x 8 inches) is particularly rich in her cursive, organic, highly expressive deep-structure language explorations.

Nancy Bell Scott’s gorgeous work never fails to lead us to consider the relationship between asemics and automatic writing, as each piece seems to bring to the surface texts that originate in the unconscious. Much contemporary asemic writing is generated digitally and invokes both the technological and industrial, essentially composition and even algorithmic generation via machines. Yet another strain is firmly based in more directly human activity as it is hand-drawn and calligraphic. Nancy Bell Scott is firmly rooted in the latter category as well as self-reflective meditation upon the Age of Print and literature as opposed to the post-literate. Here is the reverse side:

NBS - 5.25.2014 - 2

As this scan indicates, Nancy Bell Scott favors antique paper and book pages as a foundation for her work. This contributes to a consistent tonal quality and allows for an interplay of asemics with the conventional- textual. At times, even a cut-up element is present; yet the work remains grounded in the materiality of language and the printed page.

NBS - 5.25.2014 - 3

This amazing work (above) was also included. The ghost of the printed page is an unobtrusive presence beneath the paint-over.

NBS - 5.25.2014 - 4

The legendary mail-artist CrackerJack Kid has noted that Nancy Bell Scott’s work strikes him as being rooted in abstract expressionism, which makes a great deal of sense to us.

NBS - 5.25.2014 - 5

Above is another great piece Nancy Bell Scott included in the package which emphasizes the integration of the verbal and visual. Here is the reverse:

NBS - 5.25.2014 - 6

The envelope remains consistent with the aesthetics of this mail-art package:

NBS - 5.25.2014 - 7

Note the Carl T. Chew stamp immediately above.

NBS - 5.25.2014 - 8

Great Trashpo stamps! Nancy Bell Scott is an asemic writer and artist with whom we always seek to remain current. Many thanks for sending this new work for our growing collection.


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