MinXus Mail Bag: “Wind Ponies” by Allegra Sleep (Taos, New Mexico, USA)

Allegra Sleep - 1

Mail-art by Allegra Sleep (Taos, New Mexico, USA)

Tenderfoots involved in the Eternal Network might have already received or seen this piece by artist Allegra Sleep. If not, we are thrilled to share it with you now and to take this opportunity to thank her for thinking of us here at the Mink Ranch. Allegra Sleep is, in our estimation, a splendid painter. We have perused her work further and you can too:


Engulfed as we are in vispo, asemics, cut-ups, haptics and other verbal-visual explorations into deep abstraction, it is indeed refreshing – even novel – to experience art that is representational and pastoral, even if expressionist. We should do this more often!

Allegra Sleep - 2

And a great cat stamp as well! “Wind Ponies” is a postcard version of an Allegra Sleep’s painting, and her approach to this mailing is worth noting. Many artists deeply engaged in work not suited for the postal system but who wish to participate in the mail-art network do exactly what Allegra Sleep has done: Reproduce paintings, sculptures, photos, etc. on postcards with correspondence and, as in this case, stamps. Some mail-art purists might object. We note that Yoko Ono and Ray Johnson have used this method, among many others including Fluxus artists. We note here that others do take different approaches. For instance, Cheryl Penn (South Africa) has been known to cut up canvases and mail the pieces to different recipients. In this specific case, we would far rather have an image of Allegra Sleep’s whole painting rather than a piece of it.

This was a wonderful introduction to work by Allegra Sleep, and we look forward to more correspondence in the future.


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