MinXus Mail Bag: “Vertical Thoughts” – a book by Ptrzia (TIC TAC) (Starnberg, Germany)

TT - 1

Cover of Vertical Thoughts by Ptrzia (TIC TAC) (Starnberg, Germany)

TIC TAC sent us a package of mail-art that includes her artists book Vertical Thoughts, a remarkable series of her distinctive visual poems. The book is documented here from front-to-back:

TT - 2

Above: Inside front cover of Vertical Thoughts by TIC TAC

TT - 3

TT - 4

Single page from Vertical Thoughts: TIC TAC’s visual poems are (often geometrically centered) constructs of images integrated with symbols sometimes incorporating puns and wordplay

TT - 5

Her work tends toward the minimal and uses overlays sparingly

TT - 6

The title Vertical Thoughts suggests linearity involved in reading and the unfolding process of ideas and memories. The work above could be viewed as a mapping of consciousness in time with circles identifying areas of attention and concentration, a very abstract and meditative approach

TT - 7

The unfolding vertical patterns also suggest syntax

TT - 8

Here (above) is the center section of Vertical Thoughts

TT - 9

Another view of the center section showing the use of transparent sheets and holes

TT - 10

TT - 11

Vertical Thoughts uses the structure of a series a lyric poems

TT - 12

TT - 13

Information about the edition included in Vertical Thoughts by TIC TAC

TT - 14

TT - 15

Inside back cover of Vertical Thoughts

TT - 16

A TIC TAC stamp

TT - 17

The envelope containing Vertical Thoughts also held ephemera including this postcard

TT - 18

The reverse side (above) references the book

TT - 19

The envelope

TT - 20

Detail from the reverse side of the envelope

Many thanks to Ptrzia TIC TAC for this stellar work!

Make sure to visit TIC TAC’s blog:



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