Verbal-visual mail-art by Carlyle Baker (Peterborough, Canada) – Part II

Carl - 5.21.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Carlyle Baker (Peterborough, Canada)

In March we were thrilled to be able to share with Tenderfoots a sheaf of verbal-visual pieces we received from Carlyle Baker (aka Carl Baker, Acme, etc.). Carlyle is well-known in literary mail-art and visual poetry circles (although we understand he is somewhat distrustful of the term “visual poetry”):

Carlyle Baker was exceedingly generous in the amount and range of work he sent us. We must confess we had been hoping to receive just such a missive for a long time, as we have been fans for ages and hoped to assemble a substantial collection for the MinXus USA Archives. Documenting the material has necessitated two separate postings. We share the second half of this amazing harvest now.

Carl - 5.21.2014 - 2

“Fade to Start” by Carlyle Baker

Carl - 5.21.2014 - 3

We like this piece especially (above). Carlyle Baker creates fascinating asemics, and this work challenges the traditional notion of the page by shearing it into the shape of a symbol thus creating a glyph.

Carl - 5.21.2014 - 4

“Service Man” by Carlyle Baker

Carl - 5.21.2014 - 5

“Crowd Noise” by Carlyle Baker

Carl = 5.212014 - 6

Self-portrait by Carlyle Baker

Again, our profuse thanks and a MinXus secret handshake to Carlyle Baker!


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