MinXus Mail Bag: Rebecca Guyver’s stunning homage to 29 contemporary mail-artists (Suffolk, UK)

Rebecca - trib - 1

Cover of “The Colour of Mail Art” by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK) inspired by mail-artists Jan Moss (USA), Jay Block (USA) and Jennifer Jones (USA)

We are honoured and thrilled to (at last) share with Tenderfoots an extraordinary artists book we received from the 2014 MinXus-Lynxus Suffolk Poultry Princess aka Miss Becca. This book (in an edition of 30) contains beautiful and distinctive collages by Rebecca dedicated to mail-artists who have inspired her. Here is an explanation inscribed in the copy we received:

Rebecca - trib - 2

The piece on the right (above) was inspired by Rosa Gravino (Argentina) and Stephanie Blake (USA). Here is the rest of the book ordered from front to back:

Rebecca - trib - 3

Left panel (above) inspired by Ryosuke Cohen (Japan) and M Nidham (Oman)

Rebecca - trib - 4

Right panel inspired by Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

Rebecca - trib - 5

Right panel inspired by Carina Granlund (Finland)

Rebecca - trib - 6

Inspired by Guido Vermeulen (Belgium) and Matthew Stolte USA)

Rebecca - trib - 7

Right panel inspired by E – Ambassador of Utopia (France)

Rebecca - trib - 8

Left panel inspired by Vizma Bruns (Australia) and right by Jon Foster (USA)

Rebecca - trib - 9

Left panel inspired by Simon Warren (UK) and right by Nancy Bell Scott (USA)

Rebecca - trib - 10

Left panel inspired by Mail-Art Martha (UK) and right by Claire Dinsmore aka Cleo (USA)

Rebecca - trib - 11

Left panel inspired by Dame Mailarta (Canada) and right by Marie Wintzer aka Empress Marie (France/Japan)

Rebecca - trib - 12

Left panel inspired by DVS and right by Katerina Nikoltsou (Greece)

Rebecca - trib - 13

Rebecca - trib - 14

Left panel inspired by Moan Lisa (USA) and right by Diane Keys (USA)

Rebecca - trib - 15

Left panel inspired by Taidgh Lynch (Ireland)

Rebecca - trib - 16

Left panel inspired by Susan McAllister (USA)

Rebecca - trib - 17

Back cover of “The Colour of Mail Art” by Rebecca Guyver – inspired by Dean Marks (France) and Borderline Grafix (USA)

Rebecca - trib - 18

Many thanks to Rebecca Guyver for this absolutely FAB book!


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