MinXus Mail Bag: Po-card from Jay Block (Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)

Jay Block - 5.4.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Jay Block (Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)

Jay Block is an active and enthusiastic mail-artist who uses the conventional postcard form. He also supports the network through his efforts at the Wallace L. Anderson Gallery at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. In fact, the gallery is one of the few institutions in the world that can boast of having authentic MinXus relics in its collection. So Jay Block has a special place in MinXus geography and in our hearts.

We were tickled to receive this recent work from Jay Block made expressly for MinXus-Lynxus. The scraps, many appear to be collage debris, are Trashpo suggestive; however, the emphasis on arranged rectangular shapes adds a formalist element and departs from the organic, deconstructive anti-structures we call D-Khaos (after Diane Keys) that characterize much classic Trashpo.

On the textual level, we note Jay Block offers some interesting play with words, fragmented words, letters and numerals. On this level, the piece employs m0re “chance operations” and offers interesting text/image juxtapositions. This certainly makes maximum use of the of the postcard form. This work has enough raised contours offering different tactile sensations that we also note its haptic dimension. Here is the reverse side:

Jay Block - 5.4.2014 - 2

The image on the left strikes us as being a depiction of a gorilla, which we will claim as Jay Block’s nod to monkeys (primates generally) as significant elements in MinXus iconography – even if he didn’t intend it. Many thanks Jay! Great to hear from you!


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