MinXus Mail Bag: Visual-textual work by Cristina Blank (Worthsee, Germany)

cristina - 4.26.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Cristina Blank (Worthsee, Germany)

We are thrilled to share with Tenderfoots a second missive from Cristina Blank of the Five Blanks in Worthsee, Germany. The subject of the last correspondence was D-Kunst. This time Cristina sent a lovely visual-textual work that certainly has the characteristics of open field composition visual poetry. What we admire particularly about this work is her use of red and black to create tone and structure. Indeed, this seems to be another excellent example of the vispo noir and asemic noir we have identified in the Eternal Network. We are reminded that the great artist E – Ambassador of Utopia (Guivry, France) recently hosted a very successful red and black mail-art call. In terms of symbolism and metaphor, red and black together have a deep resonance, which adds further depth to Cristina Blank’s piece.

Cristina - 4.26.2014 - 2

Many thanks to Cristina Blank and the Five Blanks for staying in touch!


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