MinXus Mail Bag: Bear sighting at the Mink Ranch by Coralette Damme (St. Petersburg, Florida, USA)

coralette - 1

Mail-art by Coralette Damme (St. Petersburg, Florida, USA)

We are thrilled to introduce Tenderfoots to Coralette Damme of Florida with this first Mink Ranch appearance. We are not strangers to various forms of wildlife but cannot recall any recent bear sightings. Fortunately, this bear is meant to bring us luck; and we are lucky indeed to have received it. In fact, we thank our lucky (red) stars! This is a slightly over-sized postcard format with a beautiful, textured print. A talisman for good luck is magical energy for the Eternal Network. We are honored to be the recipients and feel a positive boost as a result.

coralette - 2

We look forward to receiving more work and learning more about Coralette Damme. Adding a magical bear to the Mink Ranch menagerie seems, perhaps not logical, but fitting. We’ve become so accustomed to anti-art and abstraction that something that might be considered representational (even if expressionist) seems exotic and a breath of fresh air, as an occasional change of perspective can be quite liberating.

A visit to Coralette Damme’s website and blogs is likely to illuminating:





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