MinXus Mail Bag – Minimalist mail-art & “Blunt,” a new Trashbook by Eduardo Cardoso (Sines, Portugal)


Eduardo - 4.18.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Eduardo Cardoso (Sines, Portugal)

After completing our “Survey of Minimalist Mail-Art” posting a few months ago, we appealed to Eduardo Cardoso to send us some new examples of his minimalist vispo for the MinXus USA Archives, as our holdings were woefully inadequate. Eduardo kindly responded by sending us the FAB piece above as well as a new Trashbook, “Blunt,” and other ephemera. Here is the Trashbook:

Eduardo - 4.18.2014 - 2

Above is a scan of the front and back covers.

Eduardo - 4.18.2014 - 3

Eduardo Cardoso’s Trashpo tends toward the anti-art side.

Eduardo - 4.18.2014 - 4

Eduardo’s minimalist aesthetic is evident, in various ways, in his Trashpo.

Eduardo - 4.18.2014 - 5

Blunt by Eduardo Cardoso is another fantastic contribution to the Trashbook form. Also included in this tremendous package was a Trashpo puzzle:

Eduardo - 4.18.2014 - 6

The reverse side of Eduardo Cardoso’s Trashpo puzzle:

Eduardo - 4.18.2014 - 7

We especially like this piece of found Trashpo that even bears Eduardo’s name. A machine wrote it for him!

Eduardo - 4.18.2014 - 8

Eduardo Cardoso always sends great envelopes with interesting stamps:

Eduardo - 4.18.2014 - 9

And the reverse:

Eduardo - 4.18.2014 - 2014 - 10

As ever, many thanks to Eduardo for this wonderful work!


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