MinXus Mail Bag: Of Trashpo Divas & Fake Fine Art (Escondido, California, USA)

Fake - 3.4.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Fake Fine Art (Escondido, California, USA)

In recent weeks, Fake Fine Art has made a splash in the Trashpo community with debris from popcult and product marketing she has woven into colorful and ever-so-clever collages. Her effusive homages to DKult and Diane Keys have already attained the status of officially approved network propaganda. In short, West Coast Trashpo has finally arrived with all the promise it offered and minus the vacuity some might have feared.

Do those singing her praises today recall that only a few brief months ago, Fake Fine Art toiled in relative obscurity creating a series of magnificent but not nearly well-enough recognized artistic fakes? We are thrilled to share with you one such piece by Fake Fine Art, never before seen to our knowledge, and destined, no doubt, to become a mail-art classic.

Rather than produce pieces that mimic the styles of well-known artists – such as Moan Lisa’s fake Andy Warhol’s – we believe our So Cal Mistress of Fakery is making a commentary on aesthetics. Her (not fatal) attraction to Trashpo reveals a tendency toward the concept of anti-art, which could reveal her true nature, if any true nature exists at the core of that Freudian onion. Yet why speak of Freud when Darwin seems at the heart of this art? Here is the reverse side:

Fake - 3.4.2014 - 2

But wait! This is signed “Indiana Rogers.” A fake Indiana Rogers? Regardless, given the subject matter, we believe that the animal theme used in the work might have been made especially for MinXus-Lynxus. Even if not, it has found a home on our humble blog. Clearly a talented mail-artist, this petite and delicately made work fits perfectly into a petite envelope:

Fake -3.4.2014 - 3

And the reverse:

Fake - 3.4.2014 - 4

To be capable of this range of artistic diversity – when compared to the recent Trashpo – one might think multiple personalities were required, if we did not all know better. Many thanks to Fake Fine Art for this FAB piece!


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