Who Has The Best Hair Contest – News & Updates


Ten contestants are officially entered. We continue to accept entries, although we will close the competition (probably within a few weeks) so official judging can commence. Here are the ten contestants entered so far (in chronological order of receiving entries):

1. Rebecca Guyver (two entries)

2. Dan Mouer

3. Candy Wicked

4. Borderline Graphics

5. KDJ

6. Vizma Bruns

7. Karen Eliot

8. Fanny Slayer

9. Alicia Starr/Ray Johnson

10. Snooky the Amazing Mail-art Dog


Categories (in-progress):

Baddest Hair Day

Official MinXus Cut

Whig Party

Malibu Barbie

Best Copyright Violation

Red Planet

Blondes Have More Puns

Curtains Don’t Match the Carpet

Tools of the Trade

Miss MinXus Ukraine

Special Awards


Contest Levels (determines prizes)

Tangerine Mink Crown

Golden Mink Crown

Siberian Weasel Tiara

Ermine Tiara

Polecat Headband

Marten Headband

Special Award


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. DK
    Feb 28, 2014 @ 14:04:51

    what level of good hair do I need to win the siberian weasel tiara? it’s a deep freeze here and I need to keep warm. minimal effort is desired please advise


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