MinXus Mail Bag: Mink Ranch Falls vintage postcard from Mim Golub Scalin (Richmond, Virginia, USA)

mim - 2.13.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Mim Golub Scalin (Richmond, Virginia, USA)

First, a big “Howdy” and a frostbit handshake to Mim Golub Scalin of Richmond, former capitol of the confederacy. This is her MinXus-Lynxus debut.

She sent us this lovely (slightly) altered, vintage postcard that holds personal meaning for all of us here at the ranch. This is not really Mink Ranch Falls. As you can see, it is Taughannock Falls near Ithaca, New York (home of Cornell University) and feeds Cayuga Lake: Largest of New York’s Finger Lakes. This is practically in our backyard, and we make frequent visits.

mim - 2.13.2014 - 2

We concur with Mim Golub Scalin. We have seen many photos of Taughannock Falls circa the 1930s that must have been produced for the tourist trade. What makes these and similar items interesting, many originating in New England, is that they were hand-colored, varying greatly in quality. The exact process used in this particular card is unclear to us, although it appears a hand-colored photo is the basis for the work.

Deepest thanks, Mim, for this fascinating mail-art!


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