MinXus Mail Bag: 19th Nerzous Breakdown – MIA mail-art from Svenja Wahl (Heidelberg, Germany

Svenja - 2.8.2014 - 1

Mail-art by Svenja Wahl (Heidelberg, Germany)

After unfortunate glitches and delays in the postal system, we were thrilled to receive a brimming package of mail-art from our dear friend Svenja Wahl of Heidelberg. She generously included a beautiful collage, artwork and the customary found material she always sends. The collection is built around minks and MinXus themes. The scan above is a lovely print on the envelope. Here is the postcard-size collage on sturdy cardboard contained therein:

Svenja - 2.8.2014 - 2

We are unrelenting fans of Svenja Wahl’s distinctive collages; each is different and always a surprise. Here is the reverse side. Tenderfoots can see the collage was returned to Miss Svenja, and she diligently sent it again. We are so glad she did!

Svenja - 2.8.2014 - 3

The found material, whether for use in a collage or a stand-alone art, is always fascinating:

Svenja - 2.8.2014 - 4

At MinXus-Lynxus, we are forever collecting mink illustrations from nature guides and textbooks. This page from a German text is a valuable addition.

Svenja - 2.8.2014 - 5

The impressionistic watercolor or ink piece on the left continues the theme. Do we not spy a mink image at the top? Here is the front of the envelope that bears on the mink print (top scan) on the reverse side:

Svenja - 2.8.2014 - 6

As ever, many thanks to Miss Svenja Wahl of Heidelberg with special appreciation for her diligence in re-mailing. We are SO pleased to have received this!


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